Rock Gainer

Enriched with the essential energy yielding nutrients for growth, health & vitality.

Unique combination of

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Body Gainer

Enriched with Protein, Vitamins & Carbohydrates

Repairs, Rejuvenates & Regenerates Cells, Body Tissues & Neurons.

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Whey Protein

Includes the Marvels of 1st Class Protien with Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Extra result.


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Mega Mass

100% Natural - No Side Effects.

Most Powerful & Massive Weight Gaining Formula Fuel up the body with an incredble 4000 quality calories.

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James Healthcare

Over the past few years James Healthcare has emerged as a leading manufacturer of Health & Fitness Supplements. Our products are appreciated by our customers for their quality, packaging and for understanding of their health needs. Our R & D and Marketing teams are putting consistent efforts to formulate new products for the major Health & Fitness need of the national and international customers. Our endeavor is to provide Health & Fitness Supplement to athletes as well as the health conscious common men.

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